Friday, October 12, 2018

Six Muadhins and Three Imams of Masjid Al Haram Suspended

According to an anonymous source, Five Muadhins of Masjid Al Haram have beeen suspended earlier this week namely:

-Sheikh Naif Faydah
- Sheikh Majid Abbas
-Sheikh Yunus Khoja
-Sheikh Ahmed Nuhas
Sheikh Tawfeeq Khoj
-Sheikh Muhammad Maghribi

According to the official schedule released by the General Presidency, a number of named Muadhins were scheduled to deliver the Adhan which they did not. The exact reasons for their suspension is currently unknown

Three Imams were also reportedly suspended in the weeks preceding the Muadhins Suspension, the reasons for the suspension of the Imams also remain unknown.

Imams suspended:
-Sheikh Saleh Al Talib
-Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi
-Sheikh Bandar Baleelah

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