Ka’bah Door Designer passes away in Germany

Muneer Al Jundi passed away Wednesday Jumada Al-Awal 4, 1442 AH, in Stuttgart, Germany. He designed the door of the Ka’bah which was installed in 1399 AH by order of King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him and forgive him.

It is noteworthy that King Khalid, may Allah have mercy on him, issued his order to change the door of the Ka’bah, as His Majesty noticed that the door that was made during the reign of His Majesty King Abdul-Aziz had worn out and he also  ordered the work of another door inside the Ka’bah where a  staircase leads to the roof

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  1. Unknown

    Innalillahi wainailayhi roojiuun

  2. Unknown

    May ALLAH grant him the highest stages of jannah. AAMEEN

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