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Kabah Kiswah Factory undergoes Maintenance

 The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque carried out periodic maintenance of the silk weaving machine which produces the  Kiswah in the King Abdulaziz Complex (Kiswah Factory)

As explained by His Excellency the Assistant Director General for the Department of Operation and Maintenance of External Affairs, Engineer Mishaal Al-Matrafi, the maintenance work for the machine is carried out according to a systematic plan that has been prepared, with the aim of raising its efficiency, and providing it with the required services with a high degree of accuracy and distinctive manner, as the oil level and lubrication of the shears and hooks heads have been verified, to carry out preparatory maintenance When operated, special materials are used that help remove rust, which are a standard for measuring belt tension.

Al-Matrafi indicated that a team of specialists supervises these works to ensure the implementation in accordance with the technical principles and to ensure that they are free from any defect by using the latest technologies and the best materials conforming to international specifications, due to the attention paid by the Kingdom’s government to the Two Holy Mosques and to the Holy Kaaba, noting the supervision of the Public Administration For operation and maintenance of the Agency for Technical and Service Affairs, in cooperation with the Agency of the General Presidency for King Abdulaziz Complex Affairs for covering the Holy Kaaba, exhibitions and museums on these works.

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