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Kabah Kiswah to be replaced on Friday

MAKKAH: The Kiswah or the covering which embodies the Ka’bah is replaced in an annual ceremony each year, a tradition which has been observed for centuries.

Since many decades the Kiswah was replaced on the morning of 9th Dhul Hijjah, the Day of Arafah after the Hujjaj depart to Arafat to spend the day of Hajj and the Haram was left with less crowds making it easier for the authorities to conduct the ceremony.

The General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques will be performing the annual ceremony this year on the night of Muharram 1st, 1444 in a change of tradition.

The change comes as a part of the Presidency’s plan to distribute events in the Two Holy Mosques to quieter months and also as a symbolic move to welcome the arrival of Umrah Pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom amid the beginning of the new Umrah Season