Mataaf Bridge to be Removed!

The General Presidency of Haramain Announced on Sunday that the Mataaf Bridge which was erected in Masjid Al Haram in 2013 to facilate the Disabled Pilgrims during the ongoing Grand Expansion at the Mosque will removed in 3 months time.  

As the Expansion will be completed in the first Quarter of 2016. The Mataaf would be able to handle 144000 Pilgrims per hour than 44000 before the Expansion. The Disabled Pilgrims can use the first floor to perform their Tawaaf. Many News Networks announced the News before the official Statement by the GPH. The Exact Date of Dismantling the Mataaf Bridge is yet to be revealed.  

The Mataaf Bridge was first Scheduled to be removed before the Hajj Season this past year. But due to inclement Weather during those days and the Accident in the Grand Mosque (Falling of a Crane which killed 107 pilgrims), the Removal of the Bridge was postponed without further notice. When the Bridge was first erected in 2013 it received a range of reactions from the  Muslim Community. Many people Appreciated the Decision while many mainly in the Subcontinent Criticized the Saudi Government of  erecting the structure in Masjid Al Haram only due to different opinions  

But now most of the people are in favor of leaving the Mataaf Bridge erected as it was life saver during peak season of Ramadan and Hajj and used to give closeups and Fascinating views of the Holy Kabah

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