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Minister of Hajj and Umrah reveals new conditions for Umrah

Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten in a television interview revealed some new details regarding the resumption of Umrah. Among some of the details, we have highlighted the following important ones:

Regarding local Umrah:

1. Only people of age groups of 18-65 will be allowed to perform Umrah in the initial stage.

2- No person will be allowed to enter Masjid Al Haram except after registering on the Umrah Application

3. Umrah permit will be issued for free

4. Through the application the Ministry provides pilgrims housing and transportation opportunities

5- Isolation centers will be made in hotels for Allah forbid any pilgrims showing any symptoms

6- Alternate arrangements will be made if people face problem in registering through the approved app

7- Umrah Performers will be divided into 12 groups each 24 hours and allowed a time of 3 hours each and will be assisted by a health professional

Regarding International Umrah:

1.  The final decision “per country” will be made the Ministry of health after issuing some conditions and determining the countries to be risk-free in the coming weeks

2. Ministry of Umrah and Hajj will enable a special pathway for International Umrah and Hajj pilgrims

3. Ministry of Umrah and Hajj working on eliminating physical offices and enabling registration of Umrah and Hajj through official government apps.

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  1. Unknown

    What is the in and objective behind it. Is it what yahood and nasara has told you to do for your Muslim brothers and sisters? Did Prophet Muhammad S.A.W did dis toh his Ummah before he passed away or he mentioned it to do it after he passed away? Shame on you the leaders of haramain in mouth Muslim Buth in ur heart liars

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