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Over 1.2 Million perform Umrah since resumption

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Tuesday released new statistics regarding the numbers of visitors and Umrah performers since the gradual resumption of Umrah began on October 4th.

The registered people on the Eatmarna app consisted of 59% citizens and 41% residents while the gender breakdown consisted of 68% men and 32% women

According to the statistics almost 1.43 million people (Citizens and Residents) had applied for the Umrah permit among which 1.22 million pilgrims received the Umrah permits

0.45 Million visitors prayed Salat in Masjid Al Haram since the resumption on 18 October. 70,000 said their Salams to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and His Rightly Guided Caliphs (R.A).

Almost 22,000 men and 11,000 women prayed in the Rawdah Al Shareefah since the reopening on 18 October

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