Procedure of Registration for I’tikaf in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah

The Registration for I’tikaf in Masjid Al Haram will begin from 25 Sha’ban 1440 (30 April 2019) and and will end on 10 Ramadan 1440 (16 May 2019). We have explained the procedure of registration in this article. For further questions and queries email at  [email protected] 

Step 1- Visit ( and create your profile

Fill up the information as following:

1- Select your appropriate identification document (جواز السفر for Passport)
2- Enter your Passport number or ID
3- Select your Nationality
4- Select your current city
5- Enter your First Name (As per your Passport or or ID)
6- Enter Last Name
7- Select your gender (ذكر for male)
8- Select your Education level
9- Enter your Mobile Number
10- Enter your Date of Birth (Hijri Calender)
11- Make up and enter a password
12- Re-confirm your password
13- Press the Green button to save and proceed

Step 2- Scroll over and select the option highlighted in yellow

Step 3- Read the terms and conditions, tick the option that says you agree and proceed

Step 4-  Fill up the final phase of the form

1- Upload your Passport size photo
2- Select the language you speak
3- Enter your Mobile Number
4- Enter your email adress

Press the Green button to send your Request

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