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Prophet’s Mosque to open doors to public from Sunday

The General Presidency on Friday announced that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques had given the approval of the plans put in place so the doors of the Mosque will open to the general public from 31 May 2020 with relevant precautionary measuresThe opening of Masjid Al Nabawi will be in stages starting from Sunday, 31 May, the last stage being opened completely to public.

During the First Stage, the Following are the Precautionary Measures and Restrictions for Public Entry in Masjid al Nabawi 

1.Everyone is required to wear masks

2. Children are not allowed

3. Maintain a gap on a Row from each worshiper.

4. Supply of Zamzam water will remain suspended

5. Mosque will be closed at 40% capacity

6. Iftar service remains suspended.

7. Visitation to Rawdah and Riyadh al Jannah remains suspended

Men will be allowed to enter Masjid Al Nabawi through the following gates:Al-Hijrah Gate No. 4, Quba Gate No. 5, King Saud Gate No 8, Imam Al-Bukhari Gate No. 10, King Fahd Gate No. 21, King Abdulaziz Gate No 34, Makkah Gate No. 37). Salam Gate will remain closed.

Women will be allowed to enter through the following gates: (13, 17, 25, 29)

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