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The Speech of the Quran and The Prophet

People had never heard any speech that was more beneficial, precise, balanced, beautiful, and dignified than the speech of the Prophet . His speech was touching, extremely gentle and soft, and none could speak more eloquently and clearly than him .

The words a person speaks with are colored with the feelings of their soul, like gardens covered with beautiful flowers of various colors in the spring.

[The Quran is a form of speech], but it is from our Lord the Exalted; an enlightened speech that changed the course of history.

It overturned the standards of civilizations and called to a society based on justice and knowledge. It is a speech that enlightened the entire world with the light of tawhid after it was engulfed in the darkness of idolatry. It adorned it with knowledge and justice after it was covered with the cloak of ignorance, tyranny and oppression.

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This excerpt is from the Friday Sermon delivered by Sheikh Ahmad Hudaify in Masjid An Nabawi on Friday, 29 Jumada Al Awwal 1444 and translated in English by the Department of Languages at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques