Women Rights in Islam

The most debated topic in Islam is perhaps the rights of women. People who claim to be “free thinkers” and Feminists around the world target Islam for “its oppression against women”.But in reality its not true.

Islam has certain rules which indeed keeps the balance of rights of men and women together. First of all, lets clear all the misconceptions out there and if someone does not agree, or has any point to be further made can contact us so that we further elaborate the topic.

Misconceptions regarding Rights of Women in Islam:

Dowry: Some people including “Liberal Muslims” point out the system of Dowry, stating its horrendous and further that it shuns the status of a woman. But people do not realize that the system of dowry has no relation with Islam. Its a tradition of the Hindus which has emerged into Muslim Households in the Subcontinent. Rather Islam has allowed woman to ask for gifts and stuff from her to be husband and its his duty to fulfill them

Travel Outside: Some people believe its illegal for Muslim Women to travel outside without her Husband or male relative who is her Mahram. However its a misconception. It is recommended in Islam for her to travel with her Mahram to increase her safety, however there is no ban on her to travel alone.

Cover her Body to Head to Toe: Some people believe that Muslim Women are forced to wear a black Mislah (Abaya) from head to toe. However in Islam its compulsory for both men and women to dress modestly and lower their gaze, and it does not mean for them to be covered full. They are recommended to wear a Hijab covering their Hair.

Interaction with Non Related Males: Again this is a common Misconception that some people believe, Islam allows women to interact with men and women who are unrelated in times of need or when related to work. However they (men and women) are discouraged from interacting with them unnecessary at times alone, because its a Hadith of Prophet (SAWS) that  a third person with man and woman is Satan (Shaitan), which may cause them to lead in a inappropriate act.

Work: Islam is also targeted by some people stating that it takes away the right of a woman to work. In Islam, it is encouraged for the Man to work for the bread and living for the family, and the woman to look after the household and children, and seeing the human nature it is 100 percent true. However under no means Women are not allowed to work, they can work to ease the financial burden of the family and help her spouse.

May Allah Grant us the Power to understand Islam and follow its teachings and Open the hearts of the Non Muslims towards Islam.

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