1st Ramadan 1439: Highlights from the Haramain

From Sheikh Mahmud's beautiful debut in Masjid Al Nabawi to Sheikh Budayr emotional Dua, here the highlights from the Haramain on 1st Ramadan.

Masjid Al Haram, Makkah:

A Beautiful commencement of Ramadan was signaled by the Adhan of Sheikh Muhammad Basaad. Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais was expected to lead but to everyone's 'little surprise' Sheikh Juhany led the Maghrib Salah.

Sheikh Saleh Al Talib expectantly led Isha Salah and Sheikh Bandar Baleelah  started of the Taraweeh with his beautiful Recitation. A Live recording clip is attached below:

After Sheikh Baleelah's turn everyone waited paitiantly for Sheikh Sudais's magical recitation and his Dua but to everyone's suprise (Big one here), Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany started to lead the Taraweeh. A source suggested that Sheikh Sudais was unwell 

Sheikh Juhany's soothing Recitation ended with a beautiful Dua. A Live recording of his recitation and Dua is below:


Masjid Al Nabawi, Madinah:

A Beautiful debut by Sheikh Mahmud Khalil Al Qari was attended by almost all Imams of Masjid Al Nabawi, his debut video and live recording is attached below:

Sheikh Budayr's emotional Recitation teared up everyone and he ended the Taraweeh with an emotional Dua:

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