Haramain Sharifain to remain closed from Isha to Fajr

In a shocking turn of events on Thursday, the General Presidency announced that the Haramain Sharifain ( Masjid Al Haram in Makkah and Masjid Al Nabawi in Madinah) to remain closed after Isha Prayers till one hour before Fajr Prayers.

The following restrictions will apply to the Haramain effective today:

--No Prayers in the Mataaf

--No Zamzam Coolers in the Mosque

-- Mosques to close after Isha Salah and re-open 1 hour before Fajr Salah

-- No Prayers will be allowed in the courtyards, only inside the Mosques

-- No sleeping, itikaf, eating and drinking allowed

--People wearing Ihram will not be allowed to enter the Grand Mosque

All these restrictions will remain effective until the Umrah Suspension is valid

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