Taraweeh to be held without worshipers in the Haramain

The President of the Haramain, Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais announced plans for Ramadan today

The following Plans have been made for Ramadan in the Haramain:

1- Taraweeh will be held behind closed doors and number of Rakats have been reduced to 10 Rakats
2 -Iftar services cancelled in both Harams, instead Iftar Baskets will be distributed around the cities of Makkah and Madinah
3Umrah will remain suspended until further notice     
4 - I’tikaf suspended
5 - Short Qunoot Dua will be held in Witr

Plans for Taraweeh in the Haramain :

1- To be led without worshippers
2- Total Rakats reduced from 20 to 10.
3- Khatam Al Quran will be done on Night 29 in the Night Prayer (Tahajjud)
4- Length of the Qunoot Dua to be shortened

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