EDITORIAL: Condemnation of Indian News Channel's Blatant Stunt involving Masjid Al Nabawi

 On Tuesday, The Editorial Team of Inside the Haramain released a statement condemning the 'stunt played' by an Indian News Channel which shows the destruction of the Green Dome at Masjid Al Nabawi, Madinah 

The channel "Sudarshan News" showed the despicable animation while covering the Israeli Aggressions against the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Green Dome is a historical monument under which are the resting places of Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) and His Companions the First Two Rightly Guided Caliphs Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and Umar ibn Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him)

The Statement further said that 'In an attempt to gain ratings, the channel blatantly showed the animation of the symbol of Madinah Al Munawarrah being destroyed.'

Inside the Haramain also said 'The channel must immediately issue an apology for disrespecting a major Islamic symbol and hurting the sentiments of Muslims worldwide.'

The Haramain Sharifain and Masjid Al Aqsa are the holiest sites of Muslims and any stunt played involving them will not be tolerated by anyone, Inside the Haramain concluded

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Unknown said…
The Islamic state's especially ksa is not in the place that some one to seek apology for them.
Bcz Islamic state's proved that they are too weak on becoming silent against Israeli attacks.
If You Don't Speak For Palestine So All Others Will Do It Again And Again.. They Are Thinking We All Are Weak Now.. So We Must Be Help Out Our Palestine Sister And Brother And Should Be Show To Whole World That We Muslim Are United
Aamir Iqbal said…
Ask your king to talk to Indian PM. Only writing this and thinking that we condemned is not enough... show some actions
qasim said…
Only Islam is complete religion for all peoples of this world (Muslims and non Muslims)

who people will accept the Islam he/she will success in this word and after this life, inshallah will get jannat.

All Muslims countries please come to one page for Islam, then we will give the strong answer to india, Israel, France, burma, Denmark, and others countries (attack on Islam).

Muslim life in this world = Exam (Very Small 63 Years)
Muslim after this life = Jannat ( Unlimited Life Wit out Death)

NON Muslim life in this world = Jannat
NON Muslim after this life = JAHANNUM / DOZAK ( Unlimited Life Wit out Death)

ALL NON Muslim Countries is one page (aqwam e muttahida) and all non Muslim are helping out to selflessly and easy .

the Islam is history that Saudi Arab is main countries of Muslims countries and now Inshallah the Saudi Arab against repeat the history for Islam.

The all Muslims counties is proud of Saudi Arab.

Inshallah Allah subhana tallah will help all Muslims peoples
(The BADAR War is ZandaBad).


Unknown said…
If there were turkey hukumat then world see what happened with isra hell and enemy of islam
Unknown said…
KSA and UAE kings are stigma for all muslims.