Jummah Khutbah Translation from the Haramain

Listen to the Translation of the Friday Sermon from the Haramain Sharifain in your language as it is being delivered.

Masjid Al Nabawi, Madinah (Active at 12:32 PM Makkah time)

1. English

2. Urdu

3. Hausa

4. French

5. Bengali

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Danish said…
any of these translations are not working
Syed waqar shah said…
Urdu is off air... Not working
Anonymous said…
Its working ��
Unknown said…
It's working very well.
Unknown said…
I want to know that in my language tamil
Adeel said…
Urdu is working Alhamdolillah today
Adeel said…
Where is makkah masjid ul haram khutba in urdu?