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New Protocol Introduced for visitors to Rawdah Shareefah

The implementation of a new protocol for visiting the Rawdah Sharif at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah has been initiated by The Prophet’s Mosque Agency and relevant authorities. This protocol, heavily reliant on cutting-edge digital technologies, requires visitors to scan a barcode at automated gates for entry to the Rawdah Sharif.

The process begins with visitors initiating their Rawdah visit through the Nusuk platform, where they are provided with instructions in multiple languages for the visit’s execution. Upon successful reservation through the application, visitors receive a confirmation message, and a reminder is sent 24 hours before the scheduled visit, prompting them to confirm or cancel. The barcode cannot be utilized for entry before the specified time.

Upon arrival at the Prophet’s Mosque courtyards, visitors are guided to designated entrances through guidance screens. Trained staff receive them and guide them through the visit stages. Before reaching the Rawdah Sharif, visitors must scan the barcode at automated gates, proceed to a waiting area, and then to the grouping for entry. Visitors without an active permit at that time will be redirected through designated areas.

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A dedicated path for individuals with special needs is provided by The Prophet’s Mosque Agency, and opening areas are determined based on Rawdah Sharif’s capacity. Electronic screens in various languages educate visitors on visiting etiquette, and waiting areas are fully equipped for comfort. At the appointed time, visitors follow organized paths to the Rawdah Sharif entrance and, upon completion, are directed to designated exits.

Advanced digital systems, utilizing smart cameras and sensors, monitor entry and exit movements, providing data on visitor numbers through interactive thermal and geographical maps. Joint control rooms manage crowd control and digital systems, ensuring direct coordination between concerned parties. Rapid solutions are implemented in case of overcrowding, and continuous reports are issued to enhance services continuously.

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