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President re-appoints Sheikh Yasir and others ahead of Ramadan in last minute move

MAKKAH: In an un-expected move, President Sheikh Sudais on Wednesday evening issued orders to re-appoint Sheikh Yasir Ad Dawsary as Permanent Imam of Masjid Al Haram.

The President also reappointed Sheikh Ahmad Hudaify and Sheikh Khalid Muhanna back to their position in Masjid An Nabawi. The 3 Imams had previously stepped aside following their expiration of contracts in October 2023.

The Presidency only a few days ago acknowledged that there were 7 permanent Imams in Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An Nabawi each confirming the Imams departure which remained under speculation for a few months.

Inside The Haramain in October 2023 had reported the departure of Imams following their contract expiry.

The President also surprisingly appointed four Guest Imams to lead Taraweeh Prayers in the Two Holy Mosques alongside the regular Imams.

The new guest imams appointed to lead in the Two Holy Mosques

The Imams appointed to lead Taraweeh Prayers in a guest capacity are

Masjid Al Haram:

  1. Sheikh Al-Waleed bin Khalid Al-Shamsan
  2. Sheikh Badr bin Muhammad Al Turki

Masjid An Nabawi:

  1. Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Burhaji
  2. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Qarafi

This development comes days after a Taraweeh Schedule was already issued for the Two Holy Mosques, a new set of Schedules is expected to be released soon

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  1. Kabir Babangida Abubakar

    Re-appointment of yasir dawsary and other imams in haramain is very Goods idea,observation and best to send the message of Allah through their Nice voices

  2. akhi_sakib


  3. Aabid mohiuddin

    Alhamdulillah I m very happy sheikh taseer al doosari is back alhamdulillah..
    I pray to Allah that Sheikh be brought back.
    Allah is great

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