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OPINION: The imminent Invasion of Gaza is a ‘now’ or ‘never’ moment for Muslim Leaders

Hamas’s attacks on civilians and military targets in the occupied territories of Palestine last week is the latest event that has given the Zionist Regime to go forward with a full invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Backed completely by the Western powers, the regime is set to invade the strip following a declaration of war and the constitution of a war cabinet. This unprecedented scenario has never occurred in the last 50 years and this time, the threat of a complete annexation of Palestine is looming over the Muslim World.

The Zionist regime has ordered a complete evacuation of Northern Gaza and the rest of the Gaza Strip is expected to follow suit. This order of evacuation must be enough for leaders to be alarmed that the Palestinians are to be displaced and the Zionist Regime cannot be trusted to follow on their declaration of “return to home'” later.

Since last week, we have seen Muslim leaders, making calls, meeting with representatives of different states, and calling for de-escalation but ‘the powers that be’ that create an impact in the world have not said or done anything substantial to stop the invasion of the remanents of Palestine.

This time the cause of the liberation of Palestine may go so far beyond which in the future cannot be resolved by diplomacy or dialogue. While Muslim communities grieve and pain over the latest persecution of their brethren in Palestine, their leaders are nowhere to be seen except for empty and repetitive statements over and over again.

Leaders must come together in support of the people of Gaza and Palestine as a whole and make demands openly as open as the world sees bombs killing Muslim children daily, the future of the Ummah butchered for simply existing in the land where Allah ordained.

It’s time to act, now or never.