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Twitter suspends handle of ‘Haramain Sharifain’

EDITORIAL: Twitter on Friday suspended the Twitter handle of Haramain Sharifain (@hsharifain) citing that the handle had broken Twitter’s rule of “impersonation”.

In a letter to Twitter, the CEO of Haramain Sharifain Mohammad Jibran Khan explained to Twitter to Haramain Sharifain has not broken any of Twitter’s rules as it was a news publication as clearly explained in the handle’s bio and website.

The CEO further explained to Twitter that “Haramain Sharifain” and its subsidiary blog “Inside the Haramain” had a unique presence on social media for over 10 years and its logo were all different from entities controlling the Two Holy Mosque’s affairs such as the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. He further explained that the names Haramain Sharifain are neither trademarked nor copyrighted.

The CEO further emphasized that Twitter had not given Haramain Sharifain the opportunity to explain its stance before applying a blanket permanent suspension affecting the working of the organization and the people benefiting from its work.

Twitter in its response has declined the appeal of the CEO and has maintained that Haramain Sharifain has broken its rules.

It is important to mention that ‘Haramain Sharifain’ was founded in 2013 and over the course of the last decade has accumulated the reputation of being one of the prominent sources of information, news, and content from the Two Holy Mosques.

Haramain Sharifain rejects Twitter’s reasons and calls for immediate restoration of its handle on Twitter