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Saudi Arabia closes 32 Mosques after Coronavirus cases surge

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs on Wednesday in a statement announced that 32 Mosques in different cities of the Kingdom were closed temporarily over emerging coronavirus cases in the neighborhoods surrounding the Mosques.

The Kingdom has been tightening precautionary measures after positive cases rose over 300% from the least positive cases. The Health Minister described the measure due to laxity in implementing precautionary measures issued by the competent authorities.

After which the different ministries started to conduct raids and close down and fine outlets that failed to implement the required precautionary measures. The Interior Ministry also made it mandatory for everyone to carry the Tawakalana App which shows the health status of the individual.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs on Tuesday also said “The Ministry won’t delay the closure of Mosques if cases continue to surge.” He also called all Mosques to implement the precautionary measures thoroughly 

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