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Hotel Rates Around the Haramain

Most of the people who regularly visit the Haramain are now almost familiar with the Hotel Rates around them.Hotel Rates tend to vary around the year but are the most expensive around the month of Rabi Al Awwal, Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah due to the immense crowd headed towards the Haramain. The Hotel Owners tend to make big bucks and some say that the Land Leasers increase the rent during the Seasons however this has not been confirmed.The Time when the Hotel Rates are the lowest is immediately after Hajj, as the Pilgrims leave and the Umrah Visas are not issued until the month of Safar.

Lowest Hotel Prices:

The prices start for ordinary hotels is as low as SR 40 per day for room with Four Beds and distance to the Haram can be 700m-2000mHowever for 4 or 5 star hotels the prices start from 250 SR and can reach nearly 1000 SR.

Tips for getting a cheaper Haramain Trip:We know most of the people like to visit the Haramain in Ramadan but most people have the cost of the journey out of their budget, the way to get an affordable journey is buy flexible tickets and reservation for hotels months before the trip. The Advantage you get is that you can always look out for cheaper tickets and hotels and once you find the right price,you can refund your flexible tickets (Flexible Tickets can be refunded or changed at no additional cost)

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